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Markedssjefene is a marketing-for-hire company for businesses of all sizes. 

“Our expectations were high when we moved to UMA, but we’re happy to say they’ve been exceeded. In fact, UMA is the perfect space for us. The flexibility suits our company as we grow, while the staff allows us to focus on our business by taking care of our administrative tasks. We have our own office space, but we also enjoy being in the common area every day. It’s a great environment for networking!”

Kjersti Rynning Borander, Partner at Markedssjefene AS


Roi Division is an advertising agency and brand studio that, among other things, creates brand identities and sales campaigns for its clients.

“Our Norwegian branch started up in April 2019 and we decided that UMA Oslo City should be our home after looking at three office spaces. We were attracted to the impressive space, the friendly atmosphere, and the flexibility that UMA provides. We don’t need to pay three months’ rent in advance and it’s easy to upscale or downscale at any time.”

Johan Ekman, Advisor/CEO at Roi Division Norway


Synneva Erland is one of Norway’s leading motivational speakers.

“When I first visited UMA Oslo City, I found it to be so beautiful. The atmosphere created by the community and staff really fits in with my slogan of “It’s all about communication”. I’ve given a speech on presentation techniques to UMA members and have collaborated with some of the companies there. I like how we get the opportunity to inspire each other. For me, it’s perfect to be a part of UMA.”

Synneva Erland, Public Speaker at Synneva Erland Kommunikasjon


Valen-Utvik works closely with clients to improve every aspect of their social media communications.

“Once we decided to find an office in the city, UMA was the first and only place we visited. It’s been everything we were looking for and more. Valen-Utvik is comprised of my husband and I, as well as a team of freelancers, so it’s great to have an inspiring space in the middle of Oslo where we can all get together and discuss things. Our company is really different now – we have a place that everyone calls home.”

Astrid Valen-Utvik, Manager and Owner at Valen-Utvik AS



LegalLab is a developer of legal tech solutions that allow in-house legal departments and law firms to work smarter.

“UMA Oslo City is the ideal home for our startup. We really value the modern space, flexible locations, and option to upscale at any time. The hosts are so welcoming and always greet us with smiles on their faces. We’re also very fond of the weekly breakfasts and afterwork events. They provide great opportunities to connect with other people and potentially meet new business associates or friends.”

Carl Vemmestad, Chairman of the Board at LegalLab AS


Bill Kill is a financial technology startup that helps young adults to take control of their personal finances.

“We decided to base our company in UMA Oslo City after looking around several different office spaces. The location is excellent and the space is modern and cozy, so it definitely left us with the best first impression. Our experience has been great so far. Coffee is ready every morning, the place is always clean, and the staff are really service minded.”

Sonni Christine Jakobsen, Co-founder and CEO at Bill Kill


Smarte Hjem AS is a real estate company that focuses on smart and cost-effective housing solutions in the Oslo area and beyond.

“When I came to UMA for the first time I just knew this was the place I wanted to be working in every day. I love to work in the open space – there’s a cozy atmosphere, very nice furniture, and big windows. Visitors are always impressed and surprised that there’s such a nice workspace in the middle of Oslo. In my opinion, you get the whole package here. I don’t need to worry about anything – I just focus on my work.”

Thy Brenna, Co-founder and Managing Director at Smarte Hjem AS