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“My colleagues and I were really impressed with UMA GO9. It’s bright, spacious, and everything seems tailored towards people being able to work. We had two dedicated offices, meeting rooms, and phone booths, so we were really able to make the most of the space.

When we’re working in another office, it’s really important that we can recreate the environment we have back home in Dublin. At UMA, we were able to continue our everyday work with no interruptions.”

Ruta Sinkeviciute, Inside Sales Manager at British Airways


“UMA GO9 was a really suitable space for our project. We were able to have small group meetings in different rooms and create our very own innovation workshop. You could see the whole space really functions as a community accelerator – different companies are able to talk to each other and see if they’re able to create synergy.

Our team of 10 people all really enjoyed being there. After two days of being there, it felt like coming back to our normal office in Switzerland. It felt like home.”

Michael Sinniger of Siemens Schweiz AG, Smart Infrastructure


Monese provides mobile banking services that give people the financial freedom to thrive anywhere.

“We applied to the Workation Vilnius program at UMA GO9 after reading about it on social media. The thing we liked most was the fact that it’s a very professional environment. UMA is not just a cool space, but it’s somewhere you can go to get your work done. There’s certainly some elements that we would like to replicate when we open our new offices.”

Bob Rasevicius, Finance FP&A at Monese