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“Neliöt liikkuu is a forerunner in real estate brokering, which means we expect the same quality from our office that we offer to our clients.

After checking out UMA Teurastamo in person, the choice was clear – it wasn’t smart to throw tens of thousands at our own office, when we could get all we need with one monthly contract and zero hassle from UMA. We have our own private office here, but in actuality, we have 2 floors of shared workspace to use as well!”

Left to right:
Andrei Koivumäki, Founder & real estate agent
Tuomas Kukko, Co-founder & CEO
Samu Siponen, Co-founder & real estate agent


“Magisso Oy was born in 2008 out of desire of bringing new Finnish design abroad. Now, we travel a lot, which means a coworking space like UMA works for us.
As we design physical products, there are often prototypes and such around, so we require a private office. We bring a lot of clients here to meet in the shared areas, though. This works well, since they’re always in top shape and we have no need to stress about tidying everything up! ”

Anssi Hurme


”Taskmill Oy is a consultant firm that specialises in agile leadership services and coaching. We have been at UMA Teurastamo since it opened and we have been delighted!
We have truly enjoyed the events held here, because we get to know companies and people we wouldn’t have otherwise. We now have fixed lunch dates and sparring sessions with others, which has proven really useful.”

Elina Kervinen & Jutta Glad


”Nut Nuts VR Developer designs new virtual reality solutions, applications and games. I work at UMA Teurastamo and I’ve really enjoyed it here.
I don’t have a private office at UMA, as there is no need for it. The common area is always comfortably calm and quiet as no one comes here to yell or fiddle- it’s all refreshingly business-minded!”

Ivan Revkov 


Simply put, Natura Viva takes people to the nature. We operate in Vuosaari and Nuuksio National Park – and now at UMA Teurastamo. UMA feels like the right way to get organised for us, as we need a space to work at, but really only need laptops to work.

The best thing about UMA is the ease it functions with. Everything is ready here and we don’t need to pay attention to unproductive work like setting and keeping up an office.”

Ilkka Lariola