Sustainability at UMA Workspace

Sustainability is at the core of UMAs business, both present and future.

We know that buildings are one of the most significant sources of global carbon dioxide emissions, so sharing open office areas in UMA is a profound way to minimize your environmental footprint. Sharing everything from lounge areas to kitchens and other office infrastructure lessens the impact. Sharing truly is caring.

Our Sustainability-first workspaces aim to improve wellbeing by encouraging space-sharing, minimizing our environmental footprint, while providing a vibrant community of companies that enjoy working in the same space.

To encourage our space-sharing vision, and ultimately the sustainability that UMA envisions, we aim to provide a workspace that delivers the best on many different levels. That means sustainability also correlates with the wellbeing of our member companies and their employees.

Please scroll down to learn more about our sustainability approach and measures at UMA Workspace.


One of the great things about UMA locations is that they are always easy to reach. A great location with excellent public transport connections has been an inseparable part of our concept from day one.
Being easy to reach, with both public transportation, and walking or bicycling makes it an environmentally friendly choice, and often the quickest way to get around in busy cities.

Most of our spaces also have locker rooms and showers so you can hop on your bicycle, or even run to work. What could be a better way to start your day?


Workfullness and wellness go hand in hand. With a holistic approach to this, UMA Workspaces are designed to encourage movement and improve overall wellbeing. For example, ergonomic furniture allowing employees to sit or stand as they please, and creates a healthy and more comfortable office environment.
Ideas are known to start flowing during movement.
Our Neurosonic divans also allow you to take some you-time and recharge your batteries.

Read more about how we create and design UMA Workspace with this in mind:


UMA Design


At UMA, we consider the environment in everyday life and actions. For example, we only wash full dishwashers, use double-sided printing as standard-setting and have lights with motion sensors. Our cleaning service providers are committed to sustainable cleaning measures, such as using biodegradable cleaning products.
When procuring products and furniture, we consider their environmental impacts and make new procurements only when necessary. The critical criteria for selected furniture are quality-made, long-lasting, modular products.

Freedom to be you – Diversity & Equality

UMA is a hUMAn workspace, and we encourage all our members and their businesses to be part of our community, and we don’t tolerate any form of discrimination.

As an international service provider, English is the language used in all written communication.
UMA’s professional team consists of dedicated service professionals from many different backgrounds, and we believe our diversity makes us stronger.

If you want to see some of the companies that stay at UMA, look at the Humans of UMA below:

Humans of UMA