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UMA Design

Look & Feel

An office should welcome us in and make us feel productive, inspired, and creative. Functional and beautiful office environments are built to support our work but also to bring us together. UMA Workspace combines functionality with harmonic office atmosphere. All the materials and colours are picked to help produce an effective work environment and not disturb anyone in the space. Wood is used generously to add warmness and cosiness to the professional office environment.
Walls and floors are well thought out to create liveliness in the space.


Biophilia means people’s desire to commune with nature. Studies show that humans have a psychological need to be around life and life-like processes. Exposure to views and images of nature can help us to speed up recovery time, boost positive feelings and reduce negative ones. That is why greenery is always well thought out and part of every UMA office design.


Office acoustics is one of the most important elements contributing to satisfaction at work. Distracting noise can cause a 66% drop in work performance. Good acoustics as well as soundproof phone booths, are part of every UMA.


Light and brightness levels are essential in how we perceive a space and how comfortable we feel in it. Ideal lighting is even, and not disturbing while providing good lux for working.