Happiness First – Montel Intergalactic interview


What is it like having a company motto that is "Happiness First"?
We enjoyed a talk with Montel Intergalactic about how this translates into their work-life and their workspace.


We understand your company works with software development, can you tell your story? 

Once upon a time, three coders put their skis on to create a software company like no other. It all started in the vast wilderness of the Pallas fells, where the Montellin maja wilderness hut is located. Our skiing team has grown bigger since but the vision remains the same. Happiness first: the happiness of all our clients, all Montelieers and the Earth.

Which thoughts made you consider moving from a traditional office to a coworking space? 

From the beginning of 2020, we were looking for the next Montel HQ as our Suite in downtown Helsinki was becoming a bit crowded. Coworking spaces were among the shortlisted options from the start but after Covid struck, quickly became the number one alternative. The flexibility, cost efficiency, and possibility of using various locations appealed to us as a born-remote company.

What kind of office did you have earlier? How do you experience UMA compared to your previous office setup? 

We had a luxurious downtown office next to the railway station in the Fennia building that had previously served as a hotel. UMA has taken so much of the hassle of running an office away from us that now we can focus on more important things. On the other hand, we miss our previous HQ with its strange decor, late-night rock-band sessions and other random events. In the long run, we’re maybe too punk to stay in a coworking space, but right now it nicely fills the need for a good working environment.

What do you value/like/appreciate in UMA? Can you see it improving the way you work and mood among you? 

Montelieers really appreciate the flexibility and ease of the office. It turns into our needs whenever needed. UMA Teurastamo is always lovely, tidy and clean, there is always fresh coffee and fruits available, and the staff is always helpful and there for us. We also appreciate the quiet working spaces, the wellbeing corner and other supportive things that make working easy and effective.

Remote work has been in the very core of your company culture since the very beginning. Can you elaborate more on your company culture – how do you work? 

We encourage each other to self-leadership, learning and development. Our company culture is diverse, free and flexible, we trust each other, and we have a low hierarchy. We all work at “office earth” which means that people can work whenever and wherever it is best for them. We really believe and know that for these reasons our people are happy and wellbeing. Our culture is also inclusive; we have common goals, and everyone’s voice is as important and equal. A company is nothing without its people.

How do you see the role of the office today? 

Even though most of our people are working remotely, it is important to know that we have a mothership and place where to go whenever needed. It is also nice to enjoy fresh and warm coffee sometimes too 😉

How does all this mix with your motto “Happiness first”? 

We are a bunch of talented and hard-working people, but our success never comes at the expense of our people. When we make decisions, we do them with people’s happiness first to make sure that our customers and employees stay happy. Happiness first is not just black on white, it’s everyday actions and decisions. Having a cosy, functional and care-free office space at UMA brings happiness to our people.

We are grateful Montel took the time to tell us their story, and if you are curious about Intergalactic Happiness and their company, please check out their website below.


Christian Pontoppidan

Community Manager @ UMA Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

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