My Working Day at UMA Keilaniemi


Are you curious about what a Host actually does in Community Management team? Well they do a lot more than you think, and one day can hardly describe it. Senni from UMA Keilaniemi provides a little insight and describes her day at UMA Keilaniemi - welcome!


7:55 The metro train arrives in Keilaniemi and I head towards the entrance of Raaden Hammas. I high-five the reception ladies from a distance and wish them a great day. Then it is time to start the day with a proper handwash. Next up is the most important task of the morning – getting that coffee brewing!

8:07 Coffee machines are going, clean dishes are in order and today’s newspapers placed on to both floors for our members. A good kickstart to the day!

8:36 Before I do the final preparations for breakfast I have time to check my email and today’s reservations. I am glad to see a new reservation has popped up for the afternoon – let’s mark that down in my To-Do list.

9:30 On Tuesdays the kitchen is filled with good spirits and happy smiles. Even more so than usual, since Tuesday mornings are for community breakfasts where the UMAns gather to mix and mingle or for a team meeting to start the day. As I fill the table I am happy to see our members networking and making new acquaintances.

We enjoy UMA Community Breakfast every Tuesday, a great way to get to know everyone

10:02 As my colleague Paula and I put the remaining dishes away, a worried member hurries to see if there is still some breakfast left. We gladly offer what is left and the member is pleased and can now start the workday with a full stomach!

10:48 Just as we have cleaned everything the doorbell rings. A visitor, yay! I welcome the guest who wants to hear more about UMA. We grab some coffee from the kitchen and tour the premises. The doorbell interrupts me but Paula steps in and says she’ll take care of the next visitor. We continue the tour and discuss the different memberships and services we offer.

11:35 Going through my To-Do list I notice a new member company is moving in soon. I send an email wishing them a warm welcome and some practical instructions regarding printing and WiFi etc. It is always exciting to get new UMAns here in Keilaniemi!

12:05 Lunchtime! I sit down with some of our members who have a great idea regarding a future event we could collaborate in. We throw around ideas on how to put it into practice and Paula and I agree that this could potentially be a great success!

Neurosonic relaxation

12:40 After lunch I hear the upstairs Neurosonic-bed calling my name. Paula takes over the office phone and I doze off in the rhythm of the micro-vibrations the bed emits during the 10-minute power nap program. Afterwards, I feel refreshed and ready for the afternoon!

13:00 A reminder for our team meeting pops up on my computer screen. Our team meets on Teams and today’s agenda is to revise feedback that we gather regularly. Also, we share any interesting events and topics from the past week. We get a good laugh when it turns out that in the past week, in each UMA location in Helsinki, a staff member has managed to drop a pot of coffee on the floor by mistake 🙂 Whoops, accidents happen!

Teams updates are important to keep the spirits high when we aren’t meeting face to face like we use to

13:32 After the meeting I make sure both floors have enough coffee and clean cups. During the round, I happen to bump into a member who has been working from home for some time now. We high-five from a distance and catch up with the latest updates.

“Getting to know our members diversely is why I absolutely love my job”

14:28 Once again I get caught up in conversations as members come and go for afternoon coffees. The topics vary from the current situation with COVID to golf and everything in between. Getting to know our members diversely is why I absolutely love my job. Also, because of the amazing coffee from Johan&Nyström.

Lovely view to end the day, you should come see it for yourself!

15:30 I sit down by the computer and notice that the new member company I contacted earlier has replied. I prepare key tokens and print instructions for them so that everything is ready when they arrive in their new office.

To end the day, I wash the coffee machine, make sure the kitchens are clean and empty the dishwashers. Everything is in order for tomorrow!

Senni-Kaisa Nurmi

Senni-Kaisa Nurmi is a Community Host in Helsinki area, working for UMA Keilaniemi, UMA Esplanadi and UMA Teurastamo. Senni-Kaisa is always up for a challenge, will do anything to make you laugh and is also the official snack master of UMA Keilaniemi.

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