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Finding new friends and business partners internally in UMA is as easy as the first 'Hello.' Whether you meet them at the weekly UMA Breakfast on Tuesdays, one of our UMA Afterwork events, or just happen to strike a conversation by the coffee machine.

To learn about what can happen, and the potential benefits, we found two companies in UMA Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen, that had connected and agreed to share their story.

UMA connected WeBrick & Wirol Management

Webrick joined the UMA Rådhuspladsen family in January 2020. Søren from Wirol actually joined UMA Rådhupladsen through another company but started his own company and decided to stay at the location due to a “great and inspiring working climate, outstanding support from the daily team and the possibility to engage and collaborate with other UMAns”


In the interview: Louise, CEO and Founder from WeBrick, and Søren, Manager of Wirol Management Consulting. From UMA, Christian Pontoppidan, UMA Workspace.


Christian: Hi Louise and Søren, I would like to thank you both for taking the time to share your story with me. 

Could I ask you both to present your companies?

Søren (S):

Wirol Management Consulting is a reasonably new company in the consultancy market. We provide freelance resources to help companies solve assignments within Interim Management, Change Management, Project management, Process analysis, and optimisation. We have a broad spectre of IT professionals in our network ready to help.


Louise (L):

WeBrick is a Danish independent real estate portal, where people and professional real estate agents alike, can safely sell and buy any property.

Ads for the properties are automatically generated from publicly available data which buyers can then browse through and place their bids on.


All you have to do as a seller is type in your address and claim ownership (securely of course). Then you add personal or professional pictures, alter the text to give it a personal touch, and we generate an ad, free of charge to sell your home or property.

We also provide help with the entire digital journey of buying or selling a home. We have developed an ecosystem complete with online marketing, FinTech, PropTech, LegalTech, and InsuTech. That means you can purchase the necessary legal documents, get insurance and financing, order a photo shoot, do the home’s showing, the bidding process and finalise the deal from the comfort of your own screen!


That sounds super exciting, and I know both of you are really busy, so that’s good!

How did you meet, and figured out you could help each other?


We had chatted a few times, but got introduced during one of the Thursday UMA Afterwork events, realised there was common ground as Søren was selling a property, and wanted to reach a target group that he couldn’t get through “usual” channels.

WeBrick saw a unique opportunity to be really close to a customer/user, as feedback regarding marketing actions and technical tests could happen almost instantly.


UMA Workspace hosts Community Breakfast and Afterwork events every month.

What happened then?


I have had responses from former owners of my house, expanded my connections in the local area, and the sales campaign gave a much broader reach than my conventional real estate broker could have managed.


We could connect Søren through our online marketing, and we are happy to say that it resulted in more than 19,000 people in the target group seeing the Facebook ad and more than 3000 who clicked on the ad link. Søren is a treat to work with and has helped us in return by creating great word of mouth, endorsing us and giving statements and testimonials to our business case.



How did it feel working with a company already inside UMA?


You have a sense of trust from the get-go. We see each other almost every day, so it’s like an extended colleague-situation, and of course, we are happy to help a colleague out.😊 

We all draw on each other’s expertise and feel that we can always pop in for a word of advice. 


What Louise just said, and also never had to go out in the rain for a meeting. 😊



Have you also managed to network with other members from UMA?

Yes, all the UMA companies are very open-minded and willing to connect. We try to assist and support each other within our areas of expertise, and to further our businesses daily.

S: Recently, I managed to get a friend connected and invited to a job interview at another company within UMA.



This has been a remarkable tale of how businesses can connect internally in UMA, it’s been a pleasure to hear your story.

Let’s freestyle a bit here towards the end – anything you both want to add before I thank you both for taking the time?


By now, after almost 2 years at UMA Rådhuspladsen, I am quite well connected with most of the other members, and we have a good dialogue with most of them. I will highly recommend connecting and working together with Louise and her team at Webrick. A very professional, engaged and proactive team.

I will also highly recommend UMA Rådhuspladsen as an office to any company who wants to outsource services as the front desk and coffeemaking.


Thank you, Søren, likewise! And I agree that UMA Rådhuspladsen provides both a professional and a social setting, which almost any business can benefit from, and we highly recommend it. 


Thank you so much Søren and Louise, both for taking the time and for the kind words. I’m sure both of your businesses will continue to thrive within UMA. 


To see more about these two companies and Søren and Louise, please discover their websites below – maybe you want to sell your home or need consultancy services?


Update: The house just sold at the asking price, and Søren is thrilled!

Christian Pontoppidan

Community Manager @ UMA Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

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