Welcome to Our Network

We recognize we can’t succeed without our valued partners – You. We invite all tips on potential new customers for our locations, be it individual entrepreneurs or large corporations. UMA Workspace suits well for established businesses of all sizes from small to large companies, to be used as a primary workspace or office extension to support mobile and flexible work.


We are all different and used to different ways of working, and at UMA we appreciate this. If you have a customer you would like to introduce, you are free to decide your own involvement in the process. You can simply give us the tip and let us do the rest, or if you prefer to join the conversations you are welcome to participate. We are happy to provide marketing material on our locations to help you sell the idea to your clients.

Please fill in the form below in order to get the collaboration started!


For each new customer you introduce to us we are happy to reward you. We welcome you to introduce as many new clients as you like – the more the merrier.

Please fill in the form below and we’ll confirm to you within 48 hours if we can accept the introduction or not. In some unfortunate cases it might be that someone else has been ahead of you, which we will then naturally inform to you.

Our basic compensation for qualified new customer introductions is 8-10% of the annualized income for the first year of the lease agreement*. For any clients with a lease term shorter than 12 months the annualized rent will be calculated based on the average rent of the agreed lease term, and with the assumption that the client will stay in UMA with the same conditions for 12 months.


The above fees will be payable when the lease starts and the client has paid their first invoice. Unless agreed otherwise, the full fee may be invoiced at once – however we kindly ask you to include a payment term of 21 days.

Please read more about our terms:
UMA Broker Standard terms conditions: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden
UMA Broker Standard terms conditions: Lithuania

Contact information

For a formal cooperation agreement and our standard terms we kindly ask you to contact us.

Charlotte Ladyluc Petersen
Sales Manager, Denmark
+45 31 51 51 13
Andreas Caspari
Sales Manager, Norway
+47 47625114
Juuso Syvänen
Head of Sales, UMA Workspace
+358 50 355 7972
Evelina Rimkienė
Sales Manager, Lithuania
+370 686 74176
Yusrizal Ibrahim
Sales Manager, Sweden
+46 70 600 46 59
Charlotte Nerman
Sales Manager, Sweden
+46 70 919 69 90