UMA & COVID-19  

The health and wellbeing of everybody are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to do everything we can to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We follow the guidelines and instructions provided by the local authorities and will continue to base our actions and precautions on those. We ask all our members to do the same. 


UMA Workspace actions during Covid-19 

We want to ensure the safest working environment possible in our workspaces. On this page, you will find all actions that have been taken. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local team or for more information. 





UMA Workspace, together with our cleaning partners, will ensure cleaning is done properly and thoroughly. We follow the cleaning guidelines provided by the local authorities and apply additional daily cleaning of common spaces This means extra daily cleaning of door handles and tables in the entrance area, UMA coffee and kitchens, phone booths, printer rooms and toilets.



We advise all our members to be considerate of others and putting extra effort in frequent handwash, sneezing and coughing safely. We use various on-site communication channels to remind our members, partners and own staff on the importance of this. There are facilities on all of our workspaces to wash hands with soap and water. Furthermore, we have hand sanitizer available in the entrance, coffee area and meeting rooms.


Social Distancing and Communications 

We continue to communicate the same: Enter the building only if you are feeling well. We have visible instructions on proper handwashing reminders to keep a safe distance in all locations.

Elevators & Staircases 

Please be cautious when using elevators and staircases. Try to limit how many people are in the elevator at the same time & keep distance on the staircases. 


Customer Service 

Our workspaces are up and running with normal opening hours, and you can reach us by phone or email if you are working from home. You can find all our opening hours here: 


Meeting Rooms 

Our meeting rooms can be booked via the UMA App or  We are happy to help you with your arrangements if needed, just contact your local UMA team. Please remember to keep a safe distance when in the meeting room. Unnecessary movement around UMA should be avoided by guests of the meeting. We have removed all pens, please contact UMA staff in case you need them. All surfaces, door handles and remote controls are wiped in-between meetings. 



We offer weekly breakfast for members who have signed up. Otherwise, events are being handled locally, based on instructions and recommendations from local authorities concerning gatherings. 


Availability of hand sanitizers, masks and gloves  

You can ask the availability from your local UMA. 


UMA Workspace Internal Actions  

According to the recommendations provided by the authorities, Technopolis including UMA has created internal policies and instructions for its own employees to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. This includes our own Crisis Team as well as updating policies on travel, absences and remote work. 


Potential COVID-19 cases 

In case an employee of your company is tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, please contact your local authorities immediately for further advice. We ask you to also inform us about this by notifying your local Community Manager immediately. 


Other Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Does UMA provide sanitizers by the entrance? YES, we do have hand sanitizers available by the entrance. 
  • Does UMA have temperature checking measures by the entrance? NO, we don’t have that available. 
  • Does UMA provide sanitizer stations in common areas? YES, at the entrance, kitchen and meeting rooms 
  • Does UMA have Covid-19 information posters in common areas? YES, we have. 
  • Has UMA implemented any usage rules for common areas? We are reminding users to keep a safe distance and observe proper hand sanitation. This also applies to the use of common areas. We will also have markers and posters available reminding about this. 
  • Has UMA implemented any building access rules? YES, – Only enter the building when feeling well.