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Private Offices

Looking for a Flexible Office Solution?

At UMA Workspace, we offer a great variety of furnished private offices with extremely flexible terms and all-inclusive services. All our lockable private offices include electronically adjustable tables and chairs, a storage cupboard and company address. In addition to your own office room, you’ll enjoy all the high-quality amenities of the shared workspace, e.g. premium coffee, business WiFi, community events, open area workstations and more!

UMA Kungsbron
Blekholmstorget 30 F
111 64 Stockholm
+46 850 165 593
Private Offices
UMA Vestergade
Vestergade No 29-31
1456 Copenhagen
+45 36 39 58 96
Private Offices
UMA Teurastamo
Lautatarhankatu 10
00580 Helsinki
Private Offices
UMA Oslo City
Stenersgata 8
0184 Oslo
Private Offices
UMA Götgatsbacken
Götgatan 22 A
11846 Stockholm
Private Offices
UMA Solna Strand
Röntgenvägen 11-13
171 54 Solna
Private Offices
How to buy a membership?

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For private offices or team memberships, please contact our sales. We’ll tailor the combination that suits you best!